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Where Modern Technology Meets Old Fashioned Care

Where Modern Technology Meets Old Fashioned Care

Dr. Budde – Your pet’s best buddy.

Dr. Budde – Your pet's best buddy.

Meet Our Vet

Dr. Alexa F. Budde received her Bachelor of Science in para veterinary science from the University of California, Davis in 1974 and her D.V.M. degree in 1978. Since 1989, Dr. Budde has been owner and chief clinician of Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic in Hayward, Calif. She has previously worked as head ER doctor at a five-doctor practice in San Jose. She is past president of the Alameda County Chapter of the California Veterinary Medical Association. In her spare time, she takes care of her horses and likes to spend time with her two daughters.

Meet Our Staff

Jen Alta VistaJen

I graduated from school 10 years ago and have been working with animals ever since.  Being a licensed technician brings me a lot of joy from working with the animals to teaching the clients new things.  I have three cats at home: Tubby, Chilli and Tiger, who are all very spoiled.  I absolutely love my job, but when I’m not at work, I like to garden, work on my house and dabble a bit in arts and crafts.



Sonee Alta VistaSonee

I have been working at the office for the past seven years and have really enjoyed my time here.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising from SJSU, and I love how I get to use that along with my experience with animals on a daily basis.  I am constantly learning new things everyday, and I really appreciate how much I feel I can help people through difficult times. 

If I am not here, I am either riding my horse, Murphy. He is an 11 year old Irish sport horse who I compete in show jumping, medals and equitation. I also enjoy taking my herd of dogs (whom you may already know), Chilli, a four year old JRT, Leila, a three year old Cairn Terrier, and Butters, a two year old Chihuahua mix, out for a hike. Chilli loves to give kisses and you may find him on the counter trying to go home with you. Leile loves to sleep on the back of our chairs, and Butters is the little nugget who was a rescue from work and very much the baby of the family!  We also love to go to the beach (Chrissy field is my favorite), walk around the neighborhoods and downtown area and hanging out with our friend Chopper.


nny Alta Vista Jenny

Hello! My name is Jenny and I have worked at Alta Vista for six years and plan to be here for many years to come.  We are a family here, and it is why I love working at Alta Vista.  We treat each other and our clients like family and want nothing but healthy and happy patients and clients.

All of my companion animals have been rescues from different clinics that I have worked at.  Bella was my first rescue and she was nothing short of perfect.  Being a Rottweiler and Labrador mix, she was tall, slender, black and tan and got the name Bella Noir (Black Beauty).  She was hit by a car as a puppy and picked up by animal control and brought to a clinic.  From day one she was smart, loving, obedient, loyal and dedicated.  We took care of each other for twelve years, and I will never forget her. 

Mister is my blind, long haired, sometimes sporting a Mohawk, cat who has a lot of spunk.  He was run over by a car, and left blind with a broken hip and a severed tail.  He too has been nothing but sweet and loving, and is hard to ignore. 

Third and certainly not last, Chopper is a Miniature Pinscher, who is small, but full of energy, personality and attitude.  He was born with "mega esophagus," which means that he vomits a lot due to his abnormal esophagus.  He has been at Alta Vista since he was six weeks old and thinks he is the clinic bouncer.  Don't be afraid or intimidated by this loud little spitfire! Ask him if he wants a cookie, and you will be at the front of the line!


Michelle Michelle

My name is Michelle and you may recognize me as the newest face at the front desk at Alta Vista veterinary clinic. Although I am fairly new here, I have been working in the veterinary field for over 5 years. I absolutely love what I do, especially since it is a constant learning process. I grew up with many different animals and through my experiences I knew I wanted to work with them. Being able to provide quality care education and compassion to those that come into the office gives me the most satisfaction.

One day I would like to pursue zoology and plan on volunteering at my local zoo on my spare time. Currently I share my house with a sassy torti cat named Wolfie- at only 2 weeks old she was a dump at my previous clinic and I couldn't help but adopt her. I absolutely love the outdoors and spend as much time as I can at the beach, hiking, attending street fairs and having a nice chat over coffee. I enjoy meeting new people and since I maintain a happy, positive personality I seem to fit in super well here at Alta Vista. Dr. Budde and the staff are wonderful and I look forward to many happy years with them- greeting you, the clients, along with the exuberant office dogs!


Jenny Jenny C.

Hello, as many of you may know I am one of the Jennys here at alta visa. I am otherwise known as "little jenny". I graduated from the veterinary technology program at carrington college July of 2013 and received my state license February 2014. I would be lying if I said I didn't love animals, I mean I do have 5 dogs, 5 cats, 1 boa constrictor, and a bearded dragon. I love my job and love working here at Alta Vista, dr. Budde and the staff are very knowledgeable and very caring. I'm also looking forward to meeting you and your furry pals!!



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